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CCA Farmers/Artisan Market

Would you like to become a vendor? Email us for more details. TBD on when the season will begin.

2023 Vendor Registration CCA Farmers Market

Business Name _____________________________________________

Applicant Name ____________________________________________

Mailing Address ____________________________________________

Phone (_____) __________________________

Email Address_______________________________

Names of Employees or Family Members Who May Sell ____________________________________________


Circle Weeks Expect to Attend                  








HEALTH DEPARTMENT PERMIT # Please attach a copy of the permit. Anyone selling any prepared/processed food must have a Temporary Health Facility Permit and display it at their booth.  For info call Coconino Health Department 928-679-8750. # _________________


BUSINESS LICENSE/TPT(sales tax license) All vendors except growers must have a state of Arizona TPT license. Contact the Arizona Department of Revenue with questions at or 800-352-4090. 

# ______________


Nest-run egg vendors must be registered with the Arizona Department of Agriculture.

COMMERCIAL LIABILITY listing CCA Farmers Market as an additional insured must be held by all value-added vendors. Growers and artisan vendors may choose the Indemnity Agreement in lieu of commercial liability coverage. All applicants must submit a signed Indemnity Agreement.

Market Fee

Total Days_________

Daily Vendor Fee: $10 


Brief description of what you plan to sell _________________________________________________________



County of residence ______________________

County of production_____________________

% of products grown/produced in Arizona______


Registration fees are refundable if the application is denied by the CCA Farmers Market.


I have read the CCA Farmers Market Rules and Regulations and agree to adhere to said Rules and Regulations. I acknowledge that I am growing or producing the products being sold at the CCA Farmers`Market.  I will allow an on-site visit of my growing location or production site by a representative of the CCA Farmers Market.  The CCA Farmers Market has the right to audit products and receipts and has the right to revoke permission to sell at any point. 






Indemnity Agreement

This agreement is entered into this _____ day of _____________, 2023




and the CCA Farmers Market

For valuable consideration, including the right to sell produce or other products at the CCA Farmers Market, SELLER does hereby agree to indemnify and hold the CCA Farmers Market and Raptor Ranch harmless from any loss, damage, expense, judgment, or liability of any nature including attorney’s fees arising out of any claim made against CCA Farmers Market and Raptor Ranch by any person or entity which claim arises out of or results from Buyer’s purchase of SELLER’s product for consumption at the CCA Farmers Market. 


 Signature ______________________________________________ 


Date _________________


Rules and Regulations

I.  Mission

The farmers market mission is to bring community residents together by providing a space where one can vend their locally grown produce or product, to help aid the lack of food that the community experiences, and promote an entrepreneur in every home. 

II. Market Guidelines

    A.    CCA Farmers Market will determine market location, dates, and hours.

    B.    Membership and vending fees are set by  CCA. Market participants pay a flat registration fee of $10 at the close of each market.. Growers & returning vendors are given first priority for reserved spaces.  If you do not have a reserved space, booth space is on a first come first serve basis with no guarantee that you will be able to have a vehicle at your booth or the same location week to week.  CCA will allow a limited number of spaces for local artisans.

1.    No resale of any peripheral items such as bottled water, soda, or other items is permitted at any booth, however;  CCA Farmers Market reserves the right to permit sales of these or other items at  CCA Farmers Market booth.

2.  It is expected that vendors unable to attend a market should notify the Market Manager at least 48 hours in advance.  Full season vendors who fail to notify the manager of an absence within the 48-hour window may lose their seniority for the following year.


III.  Vendor Guidelines

 A.  The following MUST be received and approved prior to vending

  1.  Completed and signed vendor registration and proof of all relevant licenses and health department certifications.

  2. Copy of liability insurance for ALL value-added vendors. Growers and artists may submit a signed indemnity agreement.

  3. Payment of all seasonal membership and reserved booth fees.

  4. Signed copy of the CCA Farmers Market Rules and Regulations.

B.  Vendors must allow a representative of CCA Farmers Market to inspect farms and facilities to ensure vendors adhere to Rules and Regulations.

C.  Vendors will not be allowed to set up if they do not provide all insurance, licensing, tax ID numbers, required fees, and signed documents

D.   Only full season reserved vendors are given first right of refusal for the following year

E.   All Vendors must use paper or compostable products for single-use servings and sampling. 

F.  It is encouraged that processed & prepared food vendors use locally grown fruits and vegetables in their products. Prepared food vendors must be able to document and demonstrate that they access some of their products from local growers.

G. Vendors may sell for another grower/primary producer with the manager's approval and subject to the submission of the application and registration fee paid for and signed by the additional grower/producer.

H. Vendors are not permitted to sell items that were not listed on the original application without prior approval from a manager. 


 IV. Vendor Selection

A.  All vendor applications will be reviewed and accepted or rejected by  CCA Farmers Market.

B.  Priority for vending is given to primary producers/growers of agricultural products. Value-added/artisan vendors may be asked not to sell on specific market days during peak harvest season.

1. All growers accepting payment from Arizona's Farmers Market Nutrition Program must adhere to the Arizona Department of Health's rules. Find more information at

 C.  All applicants must include registration fees with their application. If applications are rejected, application fees will be refunded. the manager has the right to accept or reject any applicant at any time.

 D.  Some of the criteria for acceptance for Agricultural Producers are based on the following guidelines

1.  Farmers who grow, cultivate, and harvest their produce, herbs, flowers, and nursery crops for sale at the market. Included in this category are also beekeepers, eggs, dairy, and meat producers, and farmers who process their own raw products into “value-added” items.

2.  Agricultural producers from Northern Arizona are given priority. Regional producers may be admitted as space is available, designated by the manager.

3. Nest-run egg vendors must register and comply with relevant Arizona Department of Agriculture standards.  Please call 602-542-4373 for information. All eggs must be kept and held at 45 degrees or lower and all cartons must be labeled with the following information:  “Nest Run Egg/Farm Name/City or Town/Phone Number”.

4.  Wild harvested items and mushrooms are currently permitted for sale at the market with the Managers approval. Vendors must adhere to the mushroom harvesting policy of the market and limit sales to specific species of local mushrooms. The market managers may revoke the right to sell at any time and all mushroom sellers must discuss experience, permitting, harvesting and storage techniques with the market manager prior to being accepted into the market.

 E.  Criteria for acceptance for Value Added/Prepared Food are based on the following guidelines

1.  Priority will be given to vendors using and documenting local and regional ingredients.

2.   All food vendors must meet any applicable local, state, and federal regulations. If you sell prepared foods or samples at the market you MUST have and display a Coconino County Public Health Services District Temporary Food Service Facility License and City Sales Tax number. If you sell prepared foods or samples at the markets you MUST have a hand washing station. Call Environmental Services at 928-679-8760 for more information. If you do not have these displayed, you will NOT be permitted to sell. ALL Value

Added vendors MUST carry commercial liability insurance and list  CCA Farmers Market as an additional insured and provide  CCA Farmers Market with a copy of that certificate-No Exceptions! 

F.   Some of the criteria for acceptance for Artisans are based on the following guidelines

  1.  Local artisans are persons who personally make the products they offer for sale at the Market.

  2. Decisions on which artisans will be allowed into the market are based on history with the market and compatibility with the mission of the Market.  

G.  Criteria for acceptance for community groups are based on the following guidelines

  1.  Community groups offering services and information will be admitted based on space availability and compatibility with the mission of the Market.  No political or politically oriented groups are permitted.

   2.  Community groups are not permitted to sell any products unless it is for fundraising purposes and is approved by the Market Manager.

   3.  These vendors will be required to submit an application and proof of insurance or a signed indemnity agreement and may be required to pay booth fees.

V.  Stall Guidelines

A. Products being sold are grown or produced by the grower/producer or his/her employees and these employees must be listed on the registration form.

              1.  A vendor or his/her employees can sell another grower's products provided all of the following criteria are met: Both parties are current members of the market and adhere to all rules, guidelines, and fee structures.

              2.  Products are grown or produced locally or regionally

              3.  All vendors selling another market member’s product must be authorized and receive permission from the Market Manager.

B.  Necessary documents, i.e. health permits, proof of insurance, tax license, etc., will be available and displayed at all times and copies will be on file with the Market Manager. These must be submitted with the application and no selling will be permitted without displaying

Tax License and Public Health Services District Permits and Certificates

C.   All scales must bear a current seal from the Department of Weights and Measures.

D.  Vendors will sell at designated stall spaces and maintain their stall space in a clean, sanitary, and safe condition.

E.  Signs will be accurate and truthful and meet any ARS/Arizona Department of Agriculture standards.

F.  Vendors who market their products as “Organic” must have proof of certification on display or must show that they meet the National Organic Program requirements for exempt producers.

G.  Music played must not be disruptive to neighboring stalls or the overall Market.

H.  Selling will not start before the Market Manager announces the start of the Market. 

 I.   Pre-market sales, post-market sales, and early breakdown are only allowed with the permission of the Market Manager.  Wholesale or bulk sales of products to restaurants that occur at the Market are to be counted into gross sales figures and included in the             of sales figures.

J.  Vendors and management are expected to maintain high standards of honesty and respect towards one another and customers and conduct themselves in a courteous manner. Rudeness, prejudice, intolerance towards others, and dishonesty are grounds for removal from the market.

 K. All vendors must dispose of trash in designated areas. 

 L.  All vendors who wish to sample, must have a hand wash station at their booth and follow all sampling guidelines from the Coconino County Public Health Services District. Call 928 679-8760 for more information on sampling guidelines.


VI.  Market Safety

  1. Vendors should begin set-up no earlier than an hour and a half before the market starts. Vendors without a reserved space must check in with the market manager prior to set-up.

  2. Vendors will not move their vehicles without first notifying the market manager and only as it is safe and not disruptive to the overall market.

  3. Vendors have responsibility for the safety and behavior of their children and animals. All pets must be leashed and kept out of vending booths.



VII. Insurance

 A.   CCA Farmers Market & RAPTOR RANCH provides general liability coverage for the Market.

 B.  All value-added food vendors MUST have commercial liability insurance and list CCA Farmers Market & Raptor Ranch as additional insured. Only growers and craft vendors may choose the indemnity agreement in lieu of commercial liability coverage. Vendors and non-profit groups must provide product liability insurance with a copy to  CCA Farmers Market and list CCA Farmers Market as an additional insured or a signed waiver releasing  CCA Farmers Market Farmers Market and property owners from any and all liability and legal responsibility.


VIII.  Market Violations

A.  Any vendor violating the above-stated rules and regulations of CCA Farmers Market or the regulations of Coconino County Public Health Services District or other local, state, or federal agencies may be suspended and/or expelled from the Market.

B.  The market manager/owner has the discretion to make any on-site decisions regarding violations.


Agreed to this_______ day of__________, 2023


Printed Name__________________________________

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